Ceramic grinding mechanism

All grinders produced in the company Dřevotvar Jablonné nad Orlicí are fitted with the ceramic grinding mechanism CrushGrind®, made in Denmark in the company Ideas Denmark.
CrushGrind® is a unique ceramic grinding mechanism enabling grinding of pepper, salt, spices, herbs and various mixtures of spices. When using the mechanism CrushGrind®, the taste nor aroma is affected by any oxidation or chemical reaction. The ceramic mechanism is ideal for grinding of coarse-grained salt. After grinding the salt into a fine powder, you will use less salt then during normal use of salt.

Why CrushGrind®?

The core of CrushGrind® is hi-tech ceramics (pure natural material), which is ideal for processing of all types of foods, it is more resistant and harder than steel. And organic foodstuffs shoud be processed in a natural way.

The Danish company IDEAS Denmark was the first one to develop a ceramic grinding mechanism. It has 20 years of experience in this field and it has sold more than 30 millions of pieces so far. Development of the grinding mechanism CrushGrind® started in 1992 and in 1994, CrushGrind® was introduced as the first and only ceramic versatile grinding mechanism on the market.

The producer provides a guarantee for 15 years for all ceramic parts. CrushGrind® is fully adjustable, while the selected adjustment is fixed (fine/coarse). CrushGrind® can be easily cleaned – you put salt into the grinder and grind it, then you simply remove the grinding stone and rinse it by water. CrushGrind® provides incomparable level of performance and precision.

The mechanism underwent tests confirming its life to 200 years of use in a common household.
Cut-of the grinder-with-the grinding-mechanism


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