OEM products

Dřevotvar družstvo is a supplier of furniture and other wooden products manufactured according to the customised designs of the buyers (OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer). It concerns products from agglomerated materials (MDF) and from beech solid wood:
  • white varnished furniture from MDF
  • varnished furniture from MDF in various shades of pigment
  • furniture from solid wood - baby cribs
  • products of wooden haberdashery, shapes of chopping boards, stirring spoons, grinders for spices, dough pins
These products are intended only for the contractor and it is not allowed to offer them to third parties. In manufacturing of these products, the highest-quality materials and modern technologies are used and also more than seventy-year long experience in manufacturing of furniture and other wooden products. More information about possibilities of production can be found in the section Furniture pieces.


Ivo Zajíček      +420 465 677 219      ivo.zajicek@drevotvar.cz


Dřevotvar družstvo
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