Certification FSC

Our products are made of certified wood marked FSC. This means that we do not contribute to devastation of forests or rainforests and we do not support illegal extraction of wood, on the contrary, we encourage renewal of forests.

FSC = Forest Stewardship Council = healthy forest economy

Certification system FSC was established in 1993 due to the initiative of representatives of international ecological organisations, wholesale and retail traders with wood, foresters, wood-working industry and certification organisations from the entire world. The basic idea of the FSC organisation is to support a cultivation of forests all over the world, and this cultivation should be:
  • environmentally responsible
  • socially beneficial
  • economically sustainable
Due to its transparency and open approach to all interest groups and due to strict social and ecological standards, the FSC certification represents a trustworthy global system.
1. Forest certification system FSC means the process of control of a particular forest for the purpose of finding out, whether it is well taken care of in accordance with the FSC standard.
2. Certification of the processing and consumer chain (C-o-C, Chain of Custody) guarantees that the end product originates from forests with the FSC certificate and the principles of environmental and social responsibility were observed during its production.


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